"I have had the pleasure, in some recent presentations, of listening to Alice read various excerpts from my novels aloud. The audience listens in silence, enraptured. Her voice seems like it is meant to be heard, the intonation is always slightly tense, keeping the listener in suspense until she has finished reading. Alice succeeds in getting you to relive the scene, the atmosphere, and the moment; her tone is subject to the dramatic tension, the irony, or the humour of the scene, without exaggeration. Every time I hear her, I am moved by the same thought: but did I actually write this piece?" (Enrico Pandiani)

"Alice was the voice that I could never be. None of us – authors, technicians, critics, and editors – could have ever had such a special reading voice. Because each had his or her own role to play and we knew only how to talk about that. At the presentation of my book entitled Sense Out, I experienced overwhelming emotions. On the other hand, I had expected I would. But once I had spoken and relaxed a bit, I listened to Alice read Mjriam's poems and, although I knew them almost by heart, it was like hearing them for the first time. A voice that becomes a key and reveals contents. A voice that has warmth and colour. And if you listen closely, you can almost taste it. When it breaks, during the pauses, in those brief but extreme silences, there was everything that I had never read and that I could never have read." (Max Tomasinelli)

I have been working with Alice for a few years now. She arrived in our creative Radiospazio group by chance, as often happens: she was called last minute to fill in for a colleague (a couple of hours or a bit less). Alice dove right in courageously and everything went well. Our actual work began at that moment. Ever since I have been measuring, performance after performance, her growth – which in her case means breaking away from roles that are naturally better suited to her (let's admit it: seductive roles suit her best, thanks to her sultry tone and, naturally, her looks). As both her luck and my luck would have it, Alice loves trying new things. It might seem strange, but not all her colleagues think like she does. She loves experimenting, which means abandoning her safety zone and taking risks. I hope (but this is also one of my convictions) that she will continue along this path, without stopping to rest, and go far... very far. (Alberto Gozzi)

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